'Erica Studio'

'Erica Studio'
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As Still As Night

As Still As Night

As Still As Night Cushion Covers

As Still As Night Cushion Covers

Kim T Designs Is Now Selling Jewellery Online

Well i have done something totally different and decided to sell a gorgeous line of Earrings made by local Hervey Bay Artist Erica Scott. Erica Studio as she calls herself is a well know Glass Artist here on the Fraser Coast. Attending many Markets and Craft Events, Erica's handmade kiln fired jewellery is a hit with locals of all ages.

We recently both had stalls at an Arts & Craft Festival, held at the Hervey Bay RSL and i found myself drooling over her superb Jewellery. It did not help that she was right opposite my stall. I found myself gazing at her work in between customers and of course gave into temptation and made a purchase.

I got talking to Erica and decided that i loved her work so much that i would love to sell it as well. As i have the luxury of having my own website we both thought it would be the perfect opportunity. I do hope to have another website in the future, totally independant of Kim T Designs, to sell 'Erica Studio'.

Ready Made Wall Niche

I was watching TV last night and saw these 'Ready Made Wall Niche's' on Better Homes & Gardens. I did not catch where you purchase these but i will be finding out and i will let you know.

Ok so here is the link to the site.


Painted Feature Walls Are Out Now

OK so you want to know what is hot and what is not in the world of Decorating & Interior Design. You have come to the right place. Here a a list of do's for 2009.

*Wallpaper Feature Walls Are Back.
*Hallway Niche's Are Still Hot.
*Brightly Painted Coloured Walls Are Not So Hot
*Calm Neutral Tones on Walls Are Still In (Dulux Hogs Bristle is a very popular colour)
*Bright Kitchen Splashbacks Are In - Red, Apple Green and so on.
*Art, Art & More Art, It Is In Now, Replacing The Painted Feature Walls For Colour.
*Mirrors Are Still Hot, Especially In A Small Room To Create The Look Of A Larger Space

So no excuses now, get that reno started and make your Home or Office sing.

To Bing or Not To Bing

Well all was revealed this morning on Australian TV morning shows. BING is the new Search Engine that will revolutionize how we search for stuff on the internet.

Yesterday while checking my stats on KIM T DESIGNS FABRIC WALL ART & CUSHIONS i noticed a link from a place called BING but i did not follow it up. Now i know what it is all about. I like the new Search Engine, i like how it displays relevant pages from my website at the side, so the person can go straight to the price list page if they want.

I suppose time will tell as to how many people catch on and start using Bing. Some of my results are less than exciting, being on a lower page than they are on Google but the more my name is out there the better, that is how i see it anyway.

'As Still As Night'

Well i have just checked my website and i have another order to do. This time i will be making a 60cm x 90cm x 1.7cm piece in the 'As Still As Night' Design. I will add a picture for you to look at. This design is very Contemporary, very Earthy with the focus being the branches of the Tree. It is available in other colour ways as well, like Lime Green & Moccha or Black Background with White Branches.

New Designs Just Released On Kim T Designs

Well i have just published the new designs that i have available on my website. The reason i had to wait was that i was waiting on the fabric samples to arrive from the UK before i make them available for viewing. I am however still waiting on the 'Red Leaves' & 'Petals' samples to arrive, so i am unable to release those two just yet.

I will let you all know when i do receive those two samples. I have not counted all of the designs that are in my store as yet but i am sure that i will now exceed more than 60 different fabric designs to choose from.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Any Kind Of Art ???

You have just finished painting the inside of your home. The need for some kind of art is inevitable. Are you after that piece with superior elegance? Does your home boast a casual or formal theme?
What colours do you like? How big is the wall you wish to put art on? What size piece would suit the wall? What is your budget? Are you artistic? Is ready made or DIY for you? Do you want an original piece that boasts your individual tastes, a limited edition artwork?
Once you answer and overcome all that may arise, you may then be ready to make your purchase. It will be very exciting choosing art for your home or office, but please ask yourself some of the questions above first. This will help you make the correct decision. All eyes will be drawn to that wall, it will make a statement about you. What do you want it to say about you?